Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chuckanut Mountains Park District Map

I recently completed work on a map for the Chuckanut Mountains Park District. This was a quick, fun project I did for Ken Wilcox and the other folks involved in establishing a more coherent and comprehensive land management approach for this unique region. The Chuckanut Mountains are the only place where the Cascade foothills come all the way to salt water.

The map shows 2006 NRCS NAIP 1 m color orthophotography, major public land owners (derived from the Snohomish and Skagit County parcel databases), as well as all private parcels 10 acres or larger in size.

I wish the CMPD well, and I hope this large poster (40" x 60") is helpful in accomplishing their mission.

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Anonymous said...

Your map work is lovely.

It is a shame that Wilcox and his pals "snowed" you on what the real facts are about his CMPD proposal. Check out to learn what the real facts of his proposal are truly about.