Friday, June 8, 2018

Large Format Map Commission

One of my wife's colleagues lives on Whidbey Island. She loves taking visitors on trips around the island, and as a map aficionado, had long dreamed of having a custom map on her dining room table so she and her guests could look at the map before heading out to explore. When she learned that I make maps, we had a discussion about what she had in mind, and then she hired me to make a giant map! This was a real treat for me, since the vast majority of the maps I make are digital.

The finished map
Detail of the Clinton/Mukilteo ferry route at the southern end of the island

The printed and laminated map. Wife for scale.

The finished map, under the glass on the client's kitchen table

Friday, February 2, 2018

CORE GIS maps featured in Cascades Crossroads film

We had the privilege of working with the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition to produce a series of maps that were featured in the recently released documentary Cascades Crossroads. We collaborated with filmaker Ted Grudowski illustrator/animator Lucy Woodworth. It was a fun project and I think the final product turned out great!

Cascade Crossroads from Ted Grudowski on Vimeo.