Friday, October 5, 2018

Issaquah Alps Trails Club Accomplishments Map--Celebrating 40 Years of Conservation!

The Issaquah Alps Trails Club has been working to preserve open space and access to trails in the Issaquah Alps region for decades. To mark their 40th anniversary, they commissioned me to create a map showing their accomplishments. By advocating for open space protections and working with a wide range of conservation partners, the IATC has been instrumental in the creation of beloved and iconic protected lands such as Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, West Tiger Natural Resources Conservation Area, Tiger Mountain State Forest, and many others. Congratulations to the IATC!
The final map layout is ANSI E size, 34" x 44" (click to embiggen)
One of my favorite maps is the inset comparing the landscape as it looks today (top) with how it might look if the IATC and their partners had not worked so hard to conserve open space and trails. What a difference!

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