Monday, January 31, 2011

Promoting Geographic Literacy

I volunteer on the board of my son's Parent-Teacher-Student Association board. My role is to maintain and update the PTSA's website, but at a recent meeting one of the board members mentioned needing to find grant money to provide world maps to several classrooms in the school. My first thought was "How could it be possible that any classroom in any school lacks something as fundamental to a decent education as a world map?!?" My second thought was "Hey, I have a color plotter, and know a bit about maps..." and before I realized what I was saying had volunteered to provide all of the maps as a donation to the school.

I love designing maps and it would have been fun to create a world map from scratch; unfortunately, I did not have time for such a monumental undertaking, so decided to search for a decent, public domain map. I found one here at the World Factbook.

So far I have provided eight poster-sized versions of the map, and they seem to be a hit with the teachers and the students.

A couple of future world travelers in front of the printed map.

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