Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who Funds Seattle's Elections?

The Sightline Institute approached me with a series of interesting analytical questions--who pays for Seattle's elections? Where do they live? What are their sociodemographic characteristics?

Using data from the 2013 City elections Sightline obtained from the Seattle Elections Commission, the King County Assessor, and the US Census Bureau, I was able to map the precise addresses of contributors and determine characteristics about their housing, income, and race.

Using this information, the analysts at Sightline were able to describe the majority of contributors as rich, white people who live in view homes or near water. This information is being used by Sightline to promote for the Honest Elections Seattle Initiative which would (among other things) distribute $100 of Democracy Vouchers to each registered voter in the city.

Below are some maps from the analysis, just click to embiggen.You can download the entire study here (PDF link).

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